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Mel Meter VS K2

Although Revenant uses a K2 meter with all of our investigations as a back up, it's not the best tool to be used when looking for Spirits. The K2 meter on it's first green light shows EMF fluctuations up 1.5 milligauss. Most Spirits we have found can only raise the Mel Meter to maybe .5 or 1.0. This means that the K2 will rarely ever move from the first green light unless a very strong electrical wave is near it. So it will appear to you that there wasn't any energy around you at any time. This is not good.


This instrument, although still a EMF detector, was really not made to be used as a ghost detector. You will be better off, not following what you see on T.V., and purchasing a Mel Meter or other EMF detector that can show you fluctuations at a lower wave length.


The Mel Meter is another device, although more expensive, that can read lower EMF wave lengths and can show you when there is an energy source near you as low as .1 milligauss. The difference between these two devices is night and day. The Mel Meter also has a temperature gauge built right in so you can detect temperature fluctuations that Spirits supposedly can create.


The K2 can be manipulated by cell phones, walkies talkies, power ups on Lights or other electrical devices on cameras. This can get yourself and others to think that your capturing Spirits, but when in fact you are not.


We offer this opinion about the K2 meter because we have used it in the field long enough to know completely that it's just not the best EMF tool for the job.


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